Why waterproof?

There are so many little places in a chimney that waster can enter from, it can get to be a real problem. In the past, there wasn’t a whole lot you could do about it. Now, having your chimney waterproofed by a professional allows you to avoid a few major problems other chimney owners still have to deal with. These problems include: mold, mildew, and damage due to freezing.

Having water freeze in your chimney is one of the worst threats to it’s integrity. The water then thaws (continuing a freeze-thaw effect) and leaks further and further into your structure and home.

Having your chimney waterproofed now can save you a lot of money in repairs down the line. Not only that, but your chimney will look better, inside and out, for a much longer period of time. If you have a chimney over 5 years old, we recommend waterproofing to help fight off natural deterioration.

Waterproofing is a Serious Process

The chimney must remain permeable so that it can function properly. This means that you can’t simply seal the chimney from the outside, or paint it. Using paint or another moisture barrier or sealant that isn’t for meant for chimneys can cause mildew and mold to grow and collect. This can be a health hazard.

Things to consider when it comes to waterproofing:

  • Do you have a chimney cap? This is a first step toward keeping water and moisture out of your chimney.
  • Is your chimney damper in good repair? When your chimney isn’t being used, the damper closes it off. This keeps water and debris out of your home.
  • Is your chimney’s crown deteriorating? Are there signs of cracks or crumbling masonry? Your chimney’s crown is a vital part of keeping water out of your chimney. Problems here can indicate further structural issues.
  • Is your flashing intact? This is the material that protects the spot where your chimney and house come together. Missing or deteriorating spalling can be a very big problem.

For these and other repairs, or if you need help in ascertaining just how weather-tight your chimney is, call us today. We’re happy to answer your questions at any time. (678) 909-4366