Chimney Caps

When you burn a fire, some smoke can cling to your walls after all is said and done. This stuff left behind is called creosote. A little bit of this stuff isn’t a big deal, but if you let it build up- that’s an invitation for a very big fire. Creosote is highly flammable.

What happens if you mix creosote and water? You get a very acidic mix. These two together will start eating away at the silica found in your mortar joints.

These joints hold your chimney flue together. If that glue is gone, things start to fall apart. Day by day this acidic mix can eat away at your chimney if left unattended. The damage can become almost irreparable over time, and it will certainly be expensive.

The costs won’t be the only thing you have to worry about, either. A deteriorating flue can cause gases to go back into your home rather than out the chimney. These gases include the deadly carbon monoxide.

A cap can prevent these scenarios and more (including keeping out animals). It really will be worth a little bit of your time to consider installing or replacing your chimney cap.

No matter what size or shape of chimney you have, we can get a cap for you. Each cap is warrantied and comes with a free inspection, a great service to have if you haven’t had a cap in a while.

No matter what style, metal or color you need- we can get it done. Order today and receive a free inspection- (678) 909-4366.