Animals In Chimney

No animal enters a chimney on accident, and there are a variety of reasons they might do so.

If you have a snake, chances are it was looking to snack on some bird eggs or baby animals when it got trapped.

Female raccoons primarily enter to build nests that might protect their young.

An animal or bird, like the aptly named Chimney Swift, might mistake your chimney for a hollow, burned out tree. This being it’s natural habitat, the animal will attempt to nest there.

During a storm, animals may climb down a chimney hoping to find a place safe from the elements. Few animals can climb back out.

A chimney can be a dangerous place for an animal, and you should be very careful while they are in there. If there is a nest or a baby, this can make the animal more aggressive than usual.

Letting the animal die shouldn’t be an option. This is cruel and, in some cases, may be illegal. Not only that, but the carcass can draw disease and insects into your home.
Our trained professionals can handle any animal. We can safely and humanely remove them, and give you options for making sure this never happens again. We often recommend a chimney cap or inspect for interior malfunction or damage that could have let the animal in.

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