Chimney Sweeping

Why should I schedule a chimney sweeping?

It may sound like an easy job, but chimney sweeping requires a lot of knowledge and precision. There are many types of chimneys, with different histories and issues- every one of our professional technicians is well equipped to deal with them.

If you use any vented appliance, you are contributing to the workload of your chimney. Your chimney’s job is to keep harmful substances (often gases) out of your home. If not cleaned on a regular basis (each year) that chimney could develop a blockage, or a build up of a flammable material called creosote. (This is the stuff that sticks to the sides of your chimney, often composed of gases that hadn’t been burned.)

Too much creosote can lead to a chimney fire. These types of fires can burn as hot as 2000 degrees F. This can cause metal and mortar to melt, not to mention cracking and warping of the chimney and anything nearby.

A properly trained technician can remove any trace of creosote, returning your chimney to it’s original function. With annual maintenance, you can enjoy your fireplace and appliances worry-free.

Your Chimney Sweeping Appointment

We ask only two things of you before we arrive:

  1. Do not burn anything in your fireplace for a minimum of 24hrs before your scheduled appointment.
  2. Please move any furniture or fragile items (including pictures on the walls) about 6-8 feet away from your fireplace.

Doing these things ahead of time will ensure that your chimney sweeping goes smoothly and without incident.

The process of inspecting and sweeping your chimney should only take about an hour, and we are capable of scheduling just about any time that fits into your schedule.

During your appointment our technicians will, before beginning, lay down any protective tarps or other necessary measures to keep your home clean. Then, during the inspection, they will check for cracks or structural issues.

Your firebox will be swept of ash. Your chimney flue will be swept and your smoke shelf and chamber will be scrubbed clean.

Fire and water penetration points will be checked for and noted.

Finally, at the end of the visit you will be presented with a written report containing any issues and suggested fixes in plain, clear English.

It’s an easy process that can provide you and your family with a multitude of benefits. Don’t hesitate to call us with any questions- (678) 909-4366.